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Adolescence: Social and Emotional Development

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Adolescence: Social and Emotional Development describes the search for identity, one of the major tasks of adolescence.

In the course of this search the adolescent may be in several categories at one time, each corresponding to a different aspect of his life -- political, sexual, religious, and vocational.

The values and ideals of the parents correlate with the adolescent on serious matters, but for music, dress, dating, and social patterns the peer group predominates. The identity within the peer group takes prominence because of the not-yet-achieved self identity of the adolescent.

The peer group offers support during this time and a chance for status within the group. As the individual matures the group changes in composition with the inclusion of both sexes.

Available As: Closed Captioned DVD
Produced By: Magna Systems, Inc.
Running Time: 27 minutes

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