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Nowhere does the saying, "The earlier the better", apply more than to the observation of young children. Think of the untold heartache that can be avoided if only problems and delays are detected early enough! Thomas Edison, for example, one of history's greatest geniuses, was considered retarded all through his childhood simply because of an undiagnosed hearing impairment!

Our resources of preschool observational tools, screeners, checklists, etc. are designed for use with young children in all types of settings, both in an out of the classroom. They are also intended to aid the observers in all categories of preschool observation, such as social, physical, sensory, intellectual, linguistic, and emotional. Also covered in our materials are important issues such as the observer's skill in interviewing as well as communicating with the parents or caregivers of the child.

Without accurate observation, no assessment can be correct, nor any planning or course of action relevant or effective.

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