Child Development Associate (CDA) Continuing Education Information


A Child Development Associate (CDA) is a professional who has earned the CDA Credential after completing 120 hours of CDA-approved coursework within a 5 year period . CDAs are able to assess the needs of children and work together with parents to promote development. 

Receive a complete understanding of the processes of obtaining and renewing your CDA credentials by reading the following book.

The CDA Prep Guide by Debra Pierce

In order to renew your CDA Credential, you will need to satisfy the following items:

1.  You must have a current Red Cross or First Aid Certificate.

2.  Child Development Associates are required to earn 4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUS)  each year in addition to their 120 hours of CDA-approved coursework.

3.  You must have proof of working at least 80 hours with young children or their families.

4.  You must have a letter of recommendation from an Early Childhood Professional.

5.  You must show proof that you are a member of a professional early childhood organization.

More information about the CDA renewal process can be viewed on the CDA website here:
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