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PPT Allan Schore: Neurobehavioral Development of Young Children: Neuroscience and Early Trauma

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A large body of experimental and clinical data now indicates that early trauma specifically impacts the later capacities of the right brain and its connections into the limbic and autonomic nervous system to implicitly regulate an array of affective and motivational states, including pain states.

In this presentation Dr. Schore describes the mechanisms by which overwhelming experiences impact the developing brain and mind, including the characterological use of the bottom-line defense of dissociation.

The viewer will understand:

  1. How current neuroscience is exploring relational trauma and its enduring impact on right brain functions.
  2. How this data is being incorporated into updated models of psychopathogenesis and defense mechanism.
  3. The interpersonal neurobiology of pathological dissociation.

BIO: Allan Schore, Ph.D. is on the clinical faculty of the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Dr. Schore’s activities as a clinician-scientist span from his theoretical work on the enduring impact of early trauma on brain development, to neuroimaging research on the neurobiology of attachment and studies of borderline personality disorder, to his biological studies of relational trauma in wild elephants, and to his practice of psychotherapy over the last 4 decades.

Complete biographical information available here.

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Contents: DVD, 85 minutes
Produced By: Child Development Media, Inc
Distributed By: Child Development Satellite Network

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