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Developing Cross-Cultural Competence, A Guide for Working with Children and Their Families, 4th Edition

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Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide to Working with Children and Their Families, is the fourth edition of this bestselling text that brings together detailed, accurate information on working with families and children with disabilities from specific cultural, ethnic, and language groups. Thoroughly updated and expanded, the book gives pre- and inservice interventionists

A primer on cultural competence. Readers will explore how various cultures view education, family structure, independence, control, and more and they'll learn ways in which service providers can communicate effectively and respectfully with families.

In-depth knowledge of different cultures. Learn from in-depth chapters with nuanced, multifaceted explorations of nine different cultural backgrounds: Anglo-European, American Indian, African American, Latino, Asian, Filipino, Native Hawaiian and Samoan, Middle Eastern, and South Asian. Readers will get up-to-date insights on history, demographics, traditions, values, and family structure, and they'll examine the diverse ways each culture approaches child rearing, medical care, education, and disability.

Guidance on moving forward. Readers will get suggestions for improving their daily practice and the systems in which they work. They'll find useful guides to contrasting beliefs, values, and practices; significant cultural events and holidays; sample vocabulary words and phrases; and a list of suggested books, films, and other media.

What's New in this Edition: 

  • Revised chapter on African American roots
  • Expanded coverage of disabilities
  • More on spiritual and religious diversity
  • Empahsis on the dynamic nature of culture

This is a comprehensive, must-have reference for professionals working with families whose customs, beliefs, and values may differ from their own.

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Available As: Softcover Book
Edited By: Eleanor W. Lynch, Ph.D., & Marci J. Hanson, Ph.D.
Book Length: 546 pages

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