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Infant Development and Behavior in Autism

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Although parents' reports and the review of home videos have generated considerable insights into early development in children with ASD prospective 'baby sibs ' studies of high-risk infants provide a unique opportunity to directly observe along with parents some of the earliest signs of autism. In addition, using longitudinal studies with standardized methods of measuring early communication social and regulatory behaviors provides a rich developmental perspective that may be difficult to obtain using other study designs.

Behavioral markers and developmental trajectories observed early in life in infants who have subsequently been diagnosed with ASD are described and illustrated. As part of a pilot subproject children identified as having concerns in the domains of social-communication expressive language and/or play and behavioral development participated in intervention.The intervention model is discussed and cases are presented using videoclips.

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Available As: DVD format
Presenters: Lonnie Zwaigenbaum M.D. and Shelley Mitchell MSC SLP
Running Time: 60 Minutes

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