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A Simple Gift: Guides for Professionals

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This program provides specific information about the development and importance of the infant's attachment relationship with parents in the first year of life. Based on attachment research, the program shows that the quality of parents' responses to their infants' cues and signals is critical in developing feelings of security in the child.

When safety is threatened the attachment system is activated and infants show attachment behaviors e.g., they seek contact with their attachment figure and try to elicit caregiving responses through behaviors such as crying and clinging. The attachment system is activated when a baby is emotionally upset (afraid, sad), physically hurt, or ill.

At these times the quality of parents' responses to their infants determines whether or not infants learn to feel safe with their parents and secure that their parents will be there when needed. Suitable for parents from many cultures.

Includes: Set of 5 Guides
Written By: Infant Mental Health Promotion Project.

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