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The Power of 2: Making a Difference Through Co-teaching, 2nd Edition

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Over the past several years much has changed in schools: Federal education laws have raised student academic standards; professional accountability for student outcomes is a requirement--everyone counts; and access to the curriculum is the expectation for all students--it is no longer an option. As these changes have occurred, co-teaching has increased in importance. The practice is now broader, but not necessarily deeper, and many questions concerning creating and sustaining co-teaching as a service delivery option continues to be a significant issue.

The Power of Two (Revised Edition) provides a comprehensive look at co-teaching as part of the foundation of an inclusive and collaborative school, and it is designed to assist professionals to maximize student outcomes through classroom partnerships.

The core concepts are included here--for example, clear and detailed demonstrations of six co-teaching arrangements that make up the heart of this service delivery model. The types of co-teaching arrangements include: one teaches, one drifts; one teaches, one observes; parallel teaching to selected groups of students; station teaching; and team teaching.

In addition, lessons learned from those who have considerable experience with co-teaching and the shift in the context in which school programs now operate are emphasized, as are the suggestions made by professionals in the field who work with co-teaching on a daily basis.

Teachers from elementary school through high school from both suburban and urban schools offer expert testimony as to what it takes to be successful in a co-teaching partnership. Viewers will find insights to help them solve the problems that arise in a teaching partnership.

Administrators are shown the type of site support needed to extend the practice across an entire school district.

The changes in the Power of Two are intended to assist educators—first-year teachers and those with extensive experience—to collaborate and share their knowledge and skills in order to help their students maximize their potential.

The producers wish to thank the Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV for their hospitality, and assistance in making the second edition.

DVD Program Sections and Running Times
• Introduction to 2nd Edition (3 mins.)
• Co-Teaching Defined (2.45 mins.)
• Essential Components of Co-teaching
5-Part Framework:
1. Shared System of Beliefs (4.45 mins.)
2. Prerequisite Skills (7 mins.)
3. Collaboration (6.30 mins.)
4. Classroom Practice (27.30 mins.)
5. Administrative Roles and Perspectives (12 mins.)
• Marilyn’s Wrap Up (3 mins.)

DVD Bonus Material
(Includes Facilitator Manual in a print -friendly PDF file.)

• More On Co-Teaching Approaches (9.25 mins.)
• Elem. & MS Teacher Roundtable (28 mins.)
• HS Teacher Roundtable (24 mins.)
• Administrator Interview (19 mins.)
• Drs. Friend & Burrello Reflect (14 mins.)
• Introducing Andrew (13 mins.)


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Includes: DVD format
Copyright: 2005
Produced By: The Forum on Education
Running Time: 65.5 minutes / Bonus Footage 107 minutes

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