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7 Secretos Escolares Educational Program

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The 7 Secretos Escolares (7 Secrets of School Success) Educational Kit is a Spanish-language multimedia program that follows two Latino families as they set up a study-skills program for their children. Interesting characters, realistic scenarios and a Latin music soundtrack will capture parent and studen interest alike. 

Laura dreams of growing up to be a singer. Carlos wants to be an astronaut. But they are both falling behind in school. When the neighborhood shopkeeper offers them the seven secrets of success, Carlos, Laura and their parents start a home-study program which brings the students academic success, self-esteem, and closer to their dreams. 

Parents will learn how to: 

  • Create a home environment that supports effective study routines
  • Monitor homework and study time
  • Encourage and motivate their children 
  • Set up reasonable and effective study routunes
Parents don't need to understand English or the subject matter to help their children. They only need to understand the seven secrets and put them into practice everyday. 
Students will learn how to: 
  • Exercise their brains with a daily study routine 
  • Organize their homework and develop good study habits 
  • Build Self Esteem through school achievement 
School Staff will learn how to: 
  • Exercise their brains with a daily study routine
  • Organize their homework and develop good study habits 
  • Build self-esteem through school achievement 
Every school serving a growing Hispanic population will benefit from this practical approach to improving school achievement. Designed to make school success a family endeavor, this research-based educational kit will improve student organizational skills, teach parents how to set up home life to improve school success, and encourage students to develop study routines.
Audience is Latino parents and students, ages seven and older. For use in bi-lingual setting, with parent groups, at parent/student events, or for in-home viewing with a lending DVD.

Available As: 2 lending DVDs, Educators guide, 2 Family packs which include a comic book, coloring poster, mini-full color poster, and a refrigerator magnet
Language: Video is Spanish with English subtitles, Educators guide is bilingual, Family packs are in Spanish
Published By: Iris Media
Running Time: 24 minutes 

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