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Our Children, Our Ways: Early Childhood Education in First Nations, Inuit & Native American Communities

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Filmed across Canada, Our Children, Our Ways includes images of cultural, linguistic, and community-relevant programming in First Nation and Inuit communities. Elders, parents, and caregivers share their thoughts about the importance of developing programs that reflect the values, experiences, and priorities of their communities.

Includes the following segments:

  • Child Care in Our Communities (16 minutes)
    • Introduces the series and discusses the importance of culturally relevant programs in Frist Nations and Inuit communities.
  • Speaking Our Languages (18 minutes)
    • Many people speak of the importance of teaching their native language to the next generation and ways to include it in their children's programs.
      A wide variety of languages are heard illustrating the diverse cultural heritage of First Nations and Inuit people across Canada.
  • Exploring the Natural World (19 minutes)
    • Filmed across the country in all four seasons, children and caregivers are seen involved in a wide variety of outdoor activities from ice-fishing to planting a garden to exploring along wooded paths.
    • Throughout the program the emphasis is on children's curiosity and the adult's role in helping children learn to care, respect, and understand the natural world. 
  • Music and Dance (18 minutes) 
    • Traditional Inuit (Native American) drumming, pow-wow dancing, jigging, and throat singing - music and dance traditions - are integral to First Nations and Inuit cultures. 
    • In this video children and adults celebrate the music and dance traditions of their communities as well as enjoy contemporary music activities.
  • Telling Stories, Reading Books (15 minutes)
    • Elders and caregivers tell stories and use books - both purchased and homemade - to share the magic of storytelling with children. 
    • In addition, children's emerging literacy is supported by their activity at writing centers and computers. 
  • Supporting Children's Art (15 minutes)
    • Shows children involved in a wide variety of open-ended art activities as well as learning some traditional art forms. 
    • The program also looks at how some centers have incorporated art into the environment, making it both beautiful and culturally relevant. 
This series is a valuable tool for Early Childhood Education training and can be beneficial for any individual or group involved with, or interested in, young children and their families in First Nation, Inuit and Native American communities.  

Available As: DVD 
Produced By: Red River Colege
Project Coordinator: Jamie Koshyk
Running Time: 101 minutes

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