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Relationship-Based Child Care for Babies and Toddlers: Secure Attachments: The Foundation of Relationships in Child Care Programs

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Product Description

Secure Attachments is designed to provide child-care professionals with an understanding of the theory of attachment with linkages to research. The video explores the components of a secure attachment relationship and identifies the role of the professional in achieving this.

It also explores the kinds of behavior that indicate insecure attachment. Through the footage children's behaviors that indicate both secure and insecure attachment are shown. There is a detailed itemized account of caregiver behaviors that promote secure attachment.

The footage is taken within the normal daily operation of a busy baby room and highlights the practical steps which caregivers can take to help create linkages between home and center in order to facilitate secure attachment relationships.

The video will help child-care staff to deepen their understanding of attachment by providing visual links between terminology, children's behavior, and caregiver practices.

It is also useful for communicating with parents about the importance of attachment relationships and behaviors which support secure attachment and the role of the professional caregiver.

The video is designed to demonstrate the importance of secure attachment and to facilitate discussion for child-care professionals. The written guide can be used by individuals or staff teams to generate discussion of the importance of secure attachment and to explore caregivers values and attitudes in relation to attachment.

A number of exercises encourages child care teams to work through the practical issues associated with implementing relationship-based programs. The contents of the video and guide are well grounded in theory and have been tested in a practical way through implementation over five years at the Lady Gowrie Child Centre in Adelaide.

The booklet includes the complete script, recommended reading, and references. The format suggests activities that individuals or staff teams can work through to explore the topic in depth. Questions are also offered for staff to consider as they work through the topic.

The manuals include complete scripts, recommended reading, and references. Activities and discussion questions are suggested for individuals or teams to explore each topic in depth.

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Available As: DVD
Running Time: 21 minutes
Produced By: Gowrie Adelaide Productions

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