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Research of Margaret Mahler Series

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Three DVDs full of rich archival material discussing the research of child development theoriest and psychoanalyst Margaret Mahler. These videos are especially designed for use in training institutions for advanced clinicians and for developmental researchers. 

The Separation-Individuation Process (84 mins)
Margaret Mahler's lifelong commitment to research in child development culminated in her formulation of The Separation-Individuation Process, opening up an avenue of understanding of the early life of the child not available to us previously.

The video depicts the process in great detail in three parts:

  • Part I: Symbiosis and the Differentiation Sub-phase: 0 to 8 Months;
  • Part II: The Early Practicing Sub-Phase and the Practicing Sub-Phase Proper: 8 to 15 Months; and
  • Part III: The Rapprochment Sub-Phase and On the Way to Object Constancy: 15 to 36 Months. 

The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant (48 mins)

The psychological birth of the human infant occurs during the first three years of life. During these years the core of the child's personality is formed.
The work of Dr. Margaret Mahler used psychoanalytic concepts as a frame of reference and shed light on the steps by which the infant gradually gains a sense of separateness from the mother. She conceptualized her findings in terms of the separation-individuation process.

In this video viewers will be able to see examples of regularly occurring phenomena that characterize the child's journey through the four sub-phases of the process:

  • the Differentiation Sub-Phase,
  • the Practicing Sub-Phase,
  • the Rapprochement Sub-Phase, and
  • "On the Way" to Self and Object Constancy.

On the Emergence of the Self (43 mins)
Margaret Mahler's On the Emergence of the Self explores the work of Margaret Mahler and depicts those phenomena of the separation-individuation process that pertain to the development of the sense of self during the first eighteen months of life.

Emphasis is placed on showing how early interaction patterns between parent and child are internalized and become part of the developing self. The self as a separate entity is seen as growing out of the child's earlier experiencing of parent and self as a dual unity.

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