Sensory Defensiveness Workshops

2014 Workshops Presented by

Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, FAOTA & Julia Wilbarger, PhD, OT
of Avanti Education

Minneapolis, MN on September 12-13th, 2014

Sensory defensiveness is a serious sensory modulation problem that is rarely correctly identified and infrequently treated directly and effectively. Avanti Educational Workshops will introduce an in-depth, clinical approach to treating sensory defensiveness, including how to create a sensory diet.

Sensory defensiveness will be described across multiple age and diagnostic groups. The relation between sensory defensiveness and emerging psychological and neuroscience theories of behavior will be considered.

Clinical labs consist of training in specific assessment and treatment techniques including the protocols developed by Patricia Wilbarger. Practicum exercises incorporate detecting and analyzing sensory based behaviors, activity planning (the “sensory diet”) and the management of individual cases using advanced clinical reasoning procedures.

Clinical work over four decades and advances in basic neuroscience have resulted in a specific, multidimen-sional treatment approach that has had a dramatic impact on client outcomes. This integrated approach is client centered and requires advanced clinical rea-soning. Casual exposure to these procedures has resulted in misuse and misinterpretation of our ap-proach to training clinicians. Direct training is vital for appropriate application of the Wilbarger approach to treating sensory defensiveness.


  • Understand the key features of sensory defensiveness and how it disrupts occupational performance
  • Demonstrate knowledge of clinical strategies for the treatment of sensory defensiveness across a variety of age and disability groups, including developing client awareness, creating a “sensory diet”, and applying a direct treatment approach to various clinical populations
  • Identify symptoms of sensory defensiveness at different ages, using a specialized clinical interview
  • Provide direct clinical management for clients being treated for sensory defensiveness.


All participants who complete the workshops will receive certification of the completed contact hours.

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